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The regional stage of the All-Russian competition of the National Award in the field of entrepreneurship "Golden Mercury" has ended, according to the results of which the laureates were awarded. Representatives of the winning companies were congratulated by members of the Council of the Union of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Eastern Siberia during a meeting of the Chamber's Council held in Irkutsk on 06/23/2023.

According to the results of the expert evaluation, the Enerpred Company became the winner of the regional stage in the nomination "The best exporting enterprise in the field of industrial production". The company's representatives received the honorary award from the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Eastern Siberia Alexey Sobol.

The Golden Mercury Prize is held every year at the regional and federal levels. The regional stage is held by the territorial Chamber of Commerce and Industry and associations of entrepreneurs. Based on the results of the selection at the local level, the territorial CCI recommend enterprises to participate in the federal stage of the competition, which is held by the CCI of the Russian Federation. The final results of the competition are summed up at the end of April at a meeting of the National Expert Council of the award, which includes the leadership of the CCI of the Russian Federation, territorial chambers of commerce and industry, prominent businessmen and economists of the country.

Once again, the Enerpred Company confirms the quality and relevance of its products in the Russian and foreign markets!


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